Persona 3 FES slowdown
well ive been using the latest gsdx that came up with the full installer suddenly i deleted my old version.. but what i notice that... last time i play persona 3 fes with the previous version of pcsx2 0.9.7 r3113 if im correct.. with the august 2010 plugin.. well ive been fighting 4 shadows and there is no slowdowns but using the beta right now.. my fps drops from 60-50... unlike the previous version of plugins..


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Rules of this forum that you didnt read: Wrote:What is this forum for?

This forum is a place where you can report bugs and comments on PCSX2. We accept bug reports for the following:

-Latest official release (currently 0.9.6)
-Latest beta release

-This forum is meant to be SPECIFICALLY an aid to the coders, NOT to the users. As such, it is strictly regulated. Any and all off topics threads will be closed and moved.

-If you are found posting useless/incomplete bug reports or known issues you WILL be warned.

-For help, general comments, framerate problems, feature requests, or just about anything else, use the General Discussion forum instead.

Now, on to the correct way to use this forum.

What qualifies as a bug

-Bugs are things that do not work correctly in the emulation process. Like, incorrect calculations, missing videos, broken memcard support, crashes and the like.

-Speed issues are usually NOT a bug, unless the fluctuation is extreme (speed drops from 60 FPS to 30 FPS do not count as significant -- speed drops from 60 FPS to 4 FPS are considered significant).
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well sorry i just want to share... wrong thread i guess but i still want o know what i discovered.. sorry again


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