Persona 3 FES slowdown
So I was getting 60 fps 100% of the time until I fought the boss on the 14th floor.

My fps drops to about 43 fps, ironically my GS is 17% and my EE is 38%. Do I need to use speedhacks now?

My specs

i3 3120 3.3 ghz
radeon 7850

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Are you using any speedhacks up to now?

It's odd that you'd have the slowdown with those % but not unheard of.

Try first MTVU speedhack. Then try EE slider speedhack. VU slider speedhack won't help with P3FES
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A lot of the transparent models give slowdowns (on slower machines at least). I haven't tested it on my new rig.
Perhaps if you are upscaling, lower it down a bit. The 7850 is a great card, but not almighty.
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nah even decent machines will have a slowdown with the golden hands and the white/rainbowish color enemies. Press F9 for that battle to bypass the slowdown (Software mode) and press F9 again after the battle.

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