Persona 3 FES text glitch
In persona 3 FES when specific text comes up, like social link names and ranks, it is spaced weirdly. I'm not sure if it has to do with my settings or if it's a glitch due to me being in widescreen.

The glitch:

My settings:

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It's a glitch to you being in widescreen.
The widescreen hack has it automatically fix the aspect ratio of the text, but creates spaces on customized or interchangable text like names.
You could turn that part of the widescreen hack off, but it'll stretch out all of the text.

Really depends on whatever you find more annoying, really
Actually it's weird that he has that issue. When I play P3FES with the basic settings (Widescreen patch) and put the aspect ratio on 16:9 the text is normal.
I'm probably just gonna live with it. It's the only glitch i come across when playing, and it's not affecting gameplay really so it's fine.Thanks for the replies

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