Persona 3 FES tweaking?
In Persona 3, I'm hitting about 40-50fps, with very little CPU being taken up. What's the best settings to bump this up to 100% (I hear that it can be)

PCSX2 0.9.6, 2 Gigs Ram, Not sure on my other specs (No Direct X10 support for sure though.)

Currently using GSDX 1.14, DirectX9 (Hardware), Pixel Shader 2, No interlacing, Aspect Ratio 4:3, Native Internal, And Texture Filtering, Logarithmic Z, and Alpha Correction on.

SPU2-X 1.1.0, Linear, Disable effects Not Checked, Debug not Checked, XAudio 2, 160 Latency, Rest = No checks.

1.5 Cycle Rate, All the other Speed hacks on.

Advanced (Top to bottom):
Chop/Zero, Normal, Both Checked, Chop/Zero, Normal, Both Checked.

So close, any help would be appreciated ^_^

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Graphics: Alpha Correction off
Pixel Shader 3 (if supported)
Chop/Zero, None, Both Checked, Chop/Zero, None, Both Checked.

And post your PC specs for futher help.
Try this game in OS vista to get better fps but seems your grapich card is not support dx.10 by your comment.
Notebook ASUS A43TA|CPU AMD Llano APU A6-3400m Triple core (1 core disable) OC to 2.6+Ghz|GPU CF|HD 6520 400Mhz/667Mhz iGPU|HD6650M OC 780Mhz/985Mhz dGPU|RAM 8GB DDR3 1333|Windows 7 Ultimate Sp.1 x64 bit.
>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
Thanks for the help, After doing what Imaginary said (Except Pixel Shader 3), I got it at about 50-55 FPS Consistently (Not counting the occasional Drop of course).

Yeah, My Graphics Card has no DX10 support. I plan on upgrading once I get money, but for now it's all I have ^_^;

Edit: As i just found out, I can get 50-60 with Cycle x3 on (Have to switch back to 1.5 on Cutscenes), but in battle, it drops to 30 (And that was against just 2 enemies with only the main character fighting)

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