Persona 3 Fes Floor 14 Boss
Anyone experienced this? I have been playing Persona 3 Fes for a couple of days. Everything was fine, and then suddenly, when I face this floor 14 boss, the fps drops dramatically from about 40 to 3~5. I followed all the suggestions from the topic "How to play the Shin Megami Tensei games" and the fps increases to about 7~8. One thing very weired is this issue is obviously caused by that boss, because whenever a spell affecting only my part members is casted and the boss is off the screen, the fps immediately jumps back to about 40+, and then whenever the boss appears again, the fps jumps down to 7~8

I decrease the resolution to native

my computer: desktop
pentium dual core E5200, overclocked to 3.0G, 2G memory, Win XP,

and again, everything was fine before this boss; and if I leave the tower and play the school simu part, everything is fine too...
almost forgot, my video card is an EVGA 512M one, can't remember the model number though...

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See if this scene plays fine with software mode (Hit F9 while the fps is down, that switches to sw mode.)
Certain enemies and bosses in persona 3 and 4 can cause massive slowdowns like that. I found playing with revision 1398 of GSDX fixed most of these issues. It may work on newer versions as well, haven't played either persona in a few months.
Worked! Oh my, thank you so much!!! Can't say how much I thank you! I almost totally gave up there!

software model weired reduce the fps for my MC's action to about 15~20, but keep the boss related fps to above 30.

beated the boss! I love U, I love pcsx2 and I love this forum!!
just curious, is there a theory behind using the software model? Many thanks again
I play Persona 3: FES on my pc with the PCSX2 beta 1888. So far, I had got to the 135th floor in Tartarus with no slowdowns. That's on DirectX10 Hardware. It may be because you are running DirectX 9. My pc can afford the speed hacks turned off and microVU on, so I don't see any compatibility issues yet.
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