Persona 3 Mods Suddenly not working
Hello, Ive been running persona 3 fes mods recently on my pc recently and one day they randomly stopped working and I dont know why. When I open the game now it says the mods are active but they dont load, ive heard of the problem might being save states so i deleted them but theyre not working. My pcsx2 randomly updated on its own and i was wondering if the update mightve changed something? For any more context I ran the mods through aemulus and they were fine but now its not. I believe everything that needs to be turned on is still turned on and I didnt change any of the pnach files. If anyone could get back to me that would be great!

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it may have changed something.
but better ask the mods creators since we don't suport them. if the vanilla version of the game works, it's fine with us
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