Persona 3 Shadow Glitch
Hello there. I've had a look around to see if anyone else had this issue, but it seems not. Forgive me if I simply overlooked it somewhere.

Now I got PCSX2 working easily enough, and I even got the graphics and speed for P3 sorted out quite promptly, but I'm having one recurring error that I just can't seem to fix no matter how many settings I tweak. That being, the protagonist's shadow breaks at the waist and refuses to render beyond that point which seems terribly strange.

Thank you all in advance. In the case that it's needed, here are my PC's specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium OS
Intel Core i7 Processor
Nvidia GeForce 285M Graphics Cards (x2 in SLI setup)
8GB Ram

Screenshot Here

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Try disabling AA in the graphics pluigin if you're using it, try enabling the "native" option in GSdx.
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