Persona 3 and 4:texture filtering bilinear ps2 or bilinear forced?
well i need help with the configuration of the persona 3 and 4 in pcsx2,i check and see if i use bilinear ps2 i have Little pixels in the cinematics or the intro...but if i choose bilinear forced the pixel lines dissapear and cinematics are ok but the game look more obscure and i suspect with more low quality...(or i wrong?)

what option of texture filtering is more better?

bilinear forced or bilinear ps2 for have more quality?

i play in
phenom ii 955 x4 3.2 GHz
amd 5770 vapor x
Windows 7 64 bits sp1
6 gb ram drr3
1920x1080 lcd

and what option is more better use custom default and select 1920x1080 or the option 3x native?

[Image: l4mS5NN.jpg]

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Bilinear Forced used Bilinear texture filtering on everything, which will improve some things, but can also make part of the game look obscure. Bilinear PS2 just uses filtering on the same things it would on a real PS2. It's your choice which you prefer per game.

3x native resolution is better than using a similar custom resolution, but custom resolution might improve performance when native upscaling causes slowdowns.

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