Persona 3 load game...
Hi everyone. How i can load game in persona 3? When I starting new game and when i want to transfer data from other played game. Becouse it dont show me saved games. But when i just come in game i can it load. I cannot load only when i want transfer data from played game to new game. Persona 3 game has this function...

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Ok,let me undestand better...You are tryng to do the swamp disk?
I Don't understand what mean swamp disk.. But i just want load my saved game. Maybe i can add somehow here foto? then you will understand. I want to load game in persona 3. I saved my game in ps2 emulator. And i can load him. I just cannot load when i start a new game, and persona 3 has function where you can load some thing from another saved game, but i cannot see my saved games. I do not see.
Sorry for my bad english language...
For swamp disk follow this-

When playing a multi-disc game if you swap disc and then create a save state. The save state has the SLUS number of the disc that the game was started with instead of the disc that was swapped to.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Load the first disc of multi-disc game, main menu should suffice.
2) Swap to the game's second disc.
3) Create a save state.
4) Reload the emulator but with the second disc of the game instead of swapping after the game starts.
5) Attempt to load the state.

A look at the save state folder reveals the reason it can't find the second disc save state after a swap disc is that it's SLUS number was generated from the first disc despite it being swapped out for the second disc.

Original thread in the link.
when booting to the bios, do you see your saved game in the memcard ?
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Ok,you can give just one little information.

Persona 3 have 2 disks right?
But in mine case i have only one disk. One iso file where is game.
I found this,maybe can help.

Atlus games had some issues about saves.
Load game:
Here i can see my saved games:
And now new game:
Now I get the question:
Yes i want...
And i see this:
Should be good you folow the tips in the last link posted by me.

Edit-You see also the use of cheats in this game can also disturb if you are using,in this case you can disable the cheats.

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