Persona 3 problems
Hi guys!
Help me please. I want to play persona 3, but I have graphics bugs (some things like cuted and i can see green, pink and yellow thingys) and sometimes (in dialogs often) game runs very slow (but fps is ok), it's like slow motion (everybody talks slowler than always etc).

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Make sure you enable the gamefix for persona games, try also the latest beta (and/or update your GSdx) as it should have some fixes for persona games.
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I found information that i need "VU Clip hack" and i think you are talking exactly about it.
Thanks for link, i will check it, but thought that I have the newest version.

P.S. RM is everywhere, lol.
It seems like everything ok, but music sometimes go with different speed, it's really annoying.
if your fps drop below 60 the sound slows down to match your emulation speed. otherwise it would get async to the image or produce crackling sound.
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