Persona 3 skill bug
I've encountered this bug a few times and it's ruined some of my best personas, so I was wondering if anyone knew if this could be fixed.

Whenever a persona has all of its skill slots filled and tries to learn something new, the only option that I can choose is to overwrite whatever happens to be in the first slot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Have you configured the dpad in lilypad? I think you're supposed to use those keys at that screen.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I've already configured my controller. It works fine everywhere else. It just messes up at the skill replacement.
Can you post a screenshot of your settings?
Here is the main page of the lilypad config menu.

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Post the "Pad 1" and try setting the Keyboard API to "Windows Messaging" if you use keyboard as a controller(I see that you have disconnected controller)
Here it is. I play using a controller. The only issue with the controller I've had so far as button mapping is that for some reason the button that would correspond to the PS2's L1 just freaks the lilypad plugin out and acts like the left analog stick and the X button on a dualshock 2 controller.

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As bositman said,you don't have keys set for D-PAD and I also don't see keys for L1 and L2
The L1 and L2 buttons on my controller were just making the plugin go nuts, so I had to leave them off. And I totally forgot about using my keyboard for part of the control scheme.

I set the D-pad to my arrow keys and went into the game. The problem's fixed now. Thanks for the quick response! If I find any other problems (hopefully ones that have to do with the emulator and not my forgetfulness), I'll come back and post about it.

Thanks again!

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