Persona 3 tips
I am trying to run persona 3 and i was wondering some tips for getting the most out of my fps.

For one. i AM running on a good computer, x9000 OCed to 3.0 dual, 8800 GTX and 4 gigs of ram. (yes i am overclocking my laptop but it can take it

Second i am running with all CPU boxes checked, VU & EE at clop / zero, flush and DaZ with clamp at normal (reducing flickering)

I am running zerogs graphics 97.1 but i have to keep switching things to try to get the most out of it but it does not seem to make much of a difference.

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Try the new beta for playground posted in the playground section of the forum, it is working amazing for me. There are three, I recommend svn528 although I havent had the chance to try the third one...the first one is terrible.
Use gsdx instead of zerogs, get the 1.1.4 version since that doesn't have the floor bug.
With the settings you mentioned it should run fullspeed most of the time (if not always).

But man, a $2899 notebook ><
And to think a desktop would've cost you just a third, while still beeing lots faster Tongue2
It only cost me about $500 so i can't compain. I cannot find dsdx 1.1.4 i looked and only found 1.13 and i am running playground 563 just there is no support in the playground area.
thanks ^^
I like what Zero GS does but it really needs to be updated from the looks of it.


Thats ss2 is there a ss4 version?
Nope, you'll have to use that I guess.

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