Persona 4
First off, playground is AMAZING, thank you so much.

Ok, I've done a whack load of tweaking, and now my Persona 4 runs FLAWLESSLY and looks better then on my PS2, but, there's one issue I'm trying to get over, there's texture flashing on some objects, like the texture disappears and is replaced by a bunch of coloured lines briefly. It flickers like this.

Any ideas?

Edit: For some reason I can't get a screen shot of it while it flickers... weird

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"flawlessly?" (raises a skeptical eyebrow). As far as I've heard the only way to stabilize the fps on that game is to 1) make it look worse than the ps2 by fidling with the D3d Resolution settings or 2)overclock your cpu to around over 3.6

Regarding the flickering, if you're referring to the gas station at the beginning of the game, just get past those parts. It might be the infamous 'floor glitches' from the persona games being emulated. It really doesn't end up being much of a distraction early-mid to late game
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are u using zerogs or gdsx?
Flawless? What are your spec's.. und what are your settings?

I don't evean get the 60 fps in the intro.. and normal game runs on about 40 with nearly all spead hacks on..

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