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Persona 4
Hey people of PCSX2 forums,

I got a question about the Action Replay cheats or Gameshark cheats , how can i add those in PCSX2 for persona 4.

I tried to look for some info but i cant find out how to do it.
And how do i know i use the good Action Replay codes.
You got AR Max and AR so im a little confused.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum but i dont know where to post this.

Thanks guys Wink

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^ Not exactly action replay, but codebreaker is just as well.
^ If you insist on AR/ARMAX, download MAXConvert from there, convert the codes and use the method in the first link.
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Thanks for the Info Smile
dont want to create new topic just for this, so..
could anyone tell me if the story in Persona 4 even remotely connected to the previous games? Or it is like Final fantasy: each part - different world?
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Well in persona 4 you get to visit the persona 3 setting and meet some familiar faces, but yeah this is the wrong place to ask this.
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ok. i want to ask it ones. so, if i have such questions about a game i should create new topic? in chatterbox? or find existing topic in there?
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It's not a PCSX2 thing so chatterbox, dont think too much about making new threads just try to make them descriptive. For example this thread named "Persona 4" but it wasnt really about the game, it was about making cheat codes work which makes it a bad title Tongue

But enough with the offtopic I guess.
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