Persona 4 - Am I losing my mind? -
Okay, here's the story. About two months ago I started playing Persona 4, everything ran perfectly, nothing wrong with the sound and only minor problems with the graphics(Something missing usually) and the fps was always at 60. After playing a while I got bored and took a break from it and now, two months later, I want to play it again. Now comes the problem, fps is still at 60 but it's a little bit glitchy and the music is extremely slow. I've only upgraded the gsdx and the sound plugin is as always. Oh and one more thing, when I play it now it starts playing explosion sounds in the background...what the hell?

Anyway, here are the plugins I use:
For graphics I use the latest GSdx plugin and for sound I use ZeroSPU2, I don't know if the other things are also necessary because I haven't changed anything except the graphics. I really don't know what the problem may be. Some help would be appreciated.


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Try removing the shift that you have done to see if the problem is still there. If the problem is gone because of the shift that you have done ^ ^
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Try going back to the old plugin to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then something was broke in a newer GSDx revision.
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well.. the only part that I remember that broke in P4 with newer plugins is a silly one: when the fog fills the town, if you go to the dojima house (the part outside of it) it will be very broken and almost imposible to see the characters that are there, textures of the menus flashing in the floor in every single part, and so on. oh, and the 3rd floor of the school, the station where you go the first time you get to inaba (and you have to go in some events) and the station where some characters take your MC make the game crash unless you have it on software mode (although I don't know if it also happens with Dx10, I can only use Dx9)
My Laptop:
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Only issue I have with the new plugins is the few graphical bugs in Dojima's house.

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