Persona 4 Cheats for newer version (SLES_554.74)
Hello all,

This is my first post so allow me to get right to the point. Laugh

I have been looking for preloaded cheats i.e. GameShark, Code Breaker and so on for the (presumably) European version of Persona 4.

I can run the game fine (with bugs) on PCSX2 but I cannot locate any codes or such to use for the game. I have been using ArtMoney and such to get most values for the game hacked e.g. health, spirit and money, but I'm looking for the more complicated values such as experience and social link values. the Item and weapon/defense items would be great too.

The only cheats I've been able to find have been for the (SLUS 21782) US version of the game so they don't work for me. Sad

I have heard of using pnach files and such but as I'm new to using PCSX2 I do not know how to load/use them or if there are any for the game but if there are then could everyone please post them up for use?

Sorry for the long post but I didn't want to double post if I could help it.

EDIT: Oh if the above is unattainable then is there a way to use ArtMoney or some other cheat engine to find these unknown values like Experience or the Social Links without using pnaches?

If you need the CD KEY to help then it's: 6A 71 D1 96 57 8D 52 47 25 CA 43 13 44 15 9A 48 66 3B 7A DA SLES_554.74.

Thanks all! Smile

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Post here if you want cheats
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
Thanks, I'll do that Tongue

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