Persona 4 Cheats not working
I've been trying to input cheats into Persona 4 (SLUS 21782), I put in the correct CRC and put the file into .pnach, use a cheat converter into extended format, but the console still reads that there's not cheat file. I've tried using it in word format as well but it still doesn't work, no matter what pcsx2 doesn't detect the cheat file at all. 

The cheats I've been trying to use are listed here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1.Those codes are already on raw and with phach formatting,you only need to copy=>paste them
2.The console also says from where exactly pcsx2is trying to load the pnach file
3.Are you sure the name and extension are correct...the CRC without the 0x and the extension is pnach(not pnach.txt)

You can use this since the formatting and the decrypting part is already done

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