Persona 4 DX11 issue
When i was using DX9(hardware) everything run fine,only some fps drop on boss,rare monster,and junes.(need to change software mode)

but when i switch to DX11(hardware),sometimes game screen will shaking(not everytime) or when i was running,some past images will splash on the screen very fast(like blinking) again it happens only sometimes,but it really annoying

after searching i found out if i change my resolution to native,this issue is gone,but why in DX9 this sort of thing never happens
even in 2x resolution(dx9)

My system:
I3 (lock on 2Ghz)
nVdia GT540M 1Gb
power safe: off

PCSX2 settings:
EECyclerate 2
INTC & Wait for loop : on
MTVU hacks off
SuperVu compilers

GSDX settings:
Scaling Custom: 1366x768
Enable HWHacks: off

i know my laptop are lowend but like i said before,it was fine running settings on DX9 plus
i cant play on my PS2 anymore.

pls i really want to use asmodean shader on DX11,it was simply amazing for P4

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Can you show Screenshot of it happening? it kinds like the driver bug that is in the nvidia driver that been around since 320.49 that only happens in DX11, either way would be helpfull to see screen shot of this or even a short clip

Those images didn't embed right, but I can look at them if I use the URLs.

It definitely looks like the nvidia issue.
[Image: XTe1j6J.png]
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ok so the culprit is nvdia driver
thank you very much

i am using 331.65,so instead i roll back to 320.49 there is no such fix on this?
man that is really an old driver
If rolling back to previous driver mention in the above thread fixes it then only fix is to use DX9 if it dont fix it I would start trying the GSDX hacks 1 by 1 to see if it fixes, Though 2nd picture kinda reminds of the ghosting issue in VP2 on some maps, they where fixed by Messing with the TC Y/X offsets in the gsdx hacks
its not ghosting issue,its a very fast image splash that luckily i managed to snap it
when i delete all my savestate,some splash is gone but when it comes to running(yes running in dungeon,running in city,running in everywhere) the blinking/flickering/whatever you call it show back Sad
you should use games saves, not save states they are known to cause issue and glitchs and other funs stuff and tend not to compatible from build to build
yeah sorry for that,but after deleting savestate still not improve my issue

definitely roll back my driver and see its progress
thank you everybody

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