Persona 4 Exp codes?
I was running some other codes I found for Persona 4 and they were working fine, but I was tired of grinding and wanted to speed up my leveling so I found a code breaker code for exp x4, and used CB2crypt to change them to raw and put them in the pnach.

Now, I get an endless display of read code in the console. The game works normally, but the code isnt present in the game. Obviously this is wrong.

Would someone please tell me a working exp x4 raw code to use for the .pnach file? Or help me fix mine. The one i have goes as follows:

// EXP

Is this right in any way? Id love whatever help I could get, thanks.

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What's the original code? And are you sure those codes are for your version of the game?
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the above codes seen to be still in codebreaker format and need to be converted to raw. Although the token "word" seems to apply there, it could be advisable using "extended". Doing so grants the first digit at the address offset need not (and MUST NOT) be ever changed from the original one.

PS: Omniconvert might be used to do the conversion, the original code seems to be codebreaker v7+ version, which should be used as input format.
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