Persona 4 Freeze! Help me!
Hello everyone , my Persona 4 game froze when I fought the first boss in the mist, the main character attacked once and the game stopped (thought i could still hear the music as well as the animation). I 've heard that P4 is fully playable on PCSX2. Someone, please help me to config, or any solution to fix this bug! I will be very grateful!
Thanks in advance.

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I think this thread is not suppose to be here, and please do some search around this forum or here, since this problem is not something new and don't be lazy to search when you are the one having problem.
what is your exe? I bet you are using the newest beta which has a few crashing will just need to keep saving states and load and replay

Just need to wait for the emu to get more stable...with new additions to the code to make it faster comes new bugs and crashes.
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Read this fist : . Freeze == roundmode for EErec is not chop/zero. Change it.
Sorry, I'm newbie here so if I 've done something wrong, I terribly apologize. Anyway, thanks for giving me the solution.
Hi excuse me, I'm using PCSX2 1.0.0 playing Persona 4 NTSC-U. I'm on Yukiko Castle and start battle. when I entered to Yukiko Castle, freeze or stuck at loading

What should I do ?
#1: Don't ressurect ancient (4+ year old) threads for your issue. Create a new thread.

#2: Please post your emulog.txt (it's in your log folder) AFTER you have a crash (again, in a new thread, not this one)
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