Persona 4 - Is it intended for characters to be stuck on screen?
Hello all,

I can't remember if my PS2 version did this but on certain scenes, when a character is entering or leaving a scene, they just stand at the edge of the screen.

At first I though this may be from using widescreen with the cheat enabled but it happens when cheats are disabled and when its in 4:3 too.

Is this normal in all versions of the game?

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It happens in both Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 when you use widescreen hacks, albeit much more common in Persona 4.
It shouldn't happen more than 20 times or so in Persona 4, so it's a tiny little quirk that you get used to.

It should be impossible in 4:3, if it is, you probably still have the widescreen hack enabled.
I thought the hack was still enabled in 4:3, it didn't look quite right. I'll try deleting the WS hack later and trying 4:3 again to see if it went back to normal. I could swear I've tried it with cheats disabled and the cheat deleted and it still looked like it was on. Do WS hacks cause a permanent change? I'll do a clean install later today if it still persists.

Yes, it's possible for the hack to still be enabled in 4:3 mode (in GS Window), so you'll get super skinny tall characters if that happens.
You don't need to delete the hack, you just need to toggle "Enable Cheats".

When toggling widescreen hacks, it's recommend you do it from a fresh boot, you don't need to delete the hacks.
Widescreen hacks cause semi-permanent change. For example, if you save your game with widescreen hacks and reload the save without them, they won't be applied anymore. If you load a "widescreen hack save state" from a "cheats disabled" config, you'll likely still have it enabled. You'll get used to it eventually.
Indeed caused by the wide screen hack. Another funny moment is in this Xenosaga 3 video (SPOILERS if you haven't played the blue testament boss battle): (9:09 febronia blinking XD )
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