Persona 4 Social Link Cheat Help!
First, thank you for anyone that will take the time to explain what I need to do.

I don't really understand what values to change to get the True Ending and have to restart the game because I maxed the social link's but they do not appear in the social link window in game.

What do I change to event 63? I will link the cheats below, as they did increase my social link but FAR beyond max.

What do I need to change XX and YY and ZZ to?

//-------------[S. Link Mod's Related]
// S-Link Slot # 1 Arcana Mod

// S-Link Slot # 1 Rank Level 

// S-Link Slot # 1 Event Level 

// S-Link Slot # 2 Arcana Mod 

// S-Link Slot # 2 Rank Level 

// S-Link Slot # 2 Event Level 

// S-Link Slot # 3 Arcana Mod 

// S-Link Slot # 3 Rank Level 

// S-Link Slot # 3 Event Level 

// S-Link Slot # 4 Arcana Mod 

// S-Link Slot # 4 Rank Level 

// S-Link Slot # 4 Event Level

// S-Link Slot # 5 Arcana Mod

// S-Link Slot # 5 Rank Level

// S-Link Slot # 5 Event Level

// S-Link Slot # 6 Arcana Mod

// S-Link Slot # 6 Rank Level

// S-Link Slot # 6 Event Level

"//-------------[S. Link Mod's Related]---Tutorial or How to Use to get "True Ending"
/ Play the game, get one level with one Arcana, don't use the mod for change this arcana, changes the level of the arcana to 9 and put the event on 63, this /will make u be in the last one event for maximilize this arcana, so, the game will recognize that u maximilized the friendship playing through the game, but u /only watch 2 events of all the scenes for max it, but will continue to be valid for true ending(i've already did it and test, it really works =D)
//-------------[S. Link Mod's Related]---Tutorial or How to Use---END

//-------------[S. Link Mod's Related]---Values
//Values for Event Levels(zz)
/ Put the number in Hex format from 01(first event) to 64(last event for max the friendship), so, 63 make it need only one for max the friendship... very /useful =D"

I don't really understand the directions from the cheat, any help would be extremely appreciated!

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The far easier way to do this is to just do one of the freeze time cheats and just use all the extra time to talk to people and get the S links like that. You will then get to see all the events, not have to manage your time (which can be annoying), and get the best ending.

This way has you artificially set the friendship to one from max (63) so that you then still have to do the last event with everyone like normal but it allows the game to recognize the value as correct. so ZZ would be 63 Y would be 9 and I am not sure about XX but it is probably 63 as well (but for this nothing you posted is related to it)

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