Persona 4 Texture Flickering
Hello, I keep getting texture flickering on certain objects though it is pretty pervasive. For example, at the house in Inaba the stairs will flicker (alternating between light and dark-ish color) and so will the hallway. It only happens in Direct3d11 while Direct3d9 does not have this effect. I want to use Direct3d11 because it simply looks better though.

My specs:
Intel i5 4670k
GTX 760
8GB RAM DDR3 1333
Samsung Evo 840 120gb
ASRock Z87 Extreme 4

My Direct3d11 settings:
Direct3d11 (Hardware)
Interlacing: None
3x Native Resolution
FXAA Enabled
Texture Filtering Enabled

Automatic Game Fixes on
Everything else default

nVidia Driver version:

Also tried latest SVN to the same effect.

EDIT: SOLVED. Sorry, I just figured it out. I'll leave it up in case someone wants to know. I was running the experimental driver, once I updated to everything is fixed. Cheers.

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