Persona 4 cannot be completed, emu crashes at 10/20 (actually it can, read)
i already posted in the other forum but ill do it again, at 10/20 in persona 4 the emulator just hangs

oh and yes i got it full running without crashes and nice fps, it just hangs... my guess it is some movie trigger or something (odd cuz they played before with no problem) and just hangs

in console it just says: (think thats probably cuz of load state, used it right before it crashed for analyzis)
MFC0 Breakpoint debug Registers code = 0
MTC0 PCCR = 0 PCR0 = 0 PCR1 = 0 IMM= 0
MTC0 Breakpoint debug Registers code = 0
MTC0 Breakpoint debug Registers code = 0
MTC0 PCCR = 0 PCR0 = 0 PCR1 = 0 IMM= 0
Exception: Write <--- this is exactly what appears when emu hangs

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Please proceed to this forum and submit a bug report

Please read the guidelines before posting

Also note, this is our forum. We do not provide support anywhere else
can anyone confirm this or is this guy just a spammer?
the "Exception: Write" message appears when an invalid memory address is being written to.
its like the "VMHack" message, except nothing is done to correct it, so the emu just crashes.

anyways, if the problem recently started please fill out a bug report; and the most helpful thing would be to find the exact revision where this problem starts happening at.
then we should know where the problem lies so we can fix it.
sorry i can't tell when it started to happen cuz it happens in all of them. all plugins from all kind, always crash, every hack on, every hack off, tryed rly rly everything. this is the last screen for someone who is playing the game (actually i played all the game till there without any problem, no fps problem or glitch problems, sound was also awesome)

[Image: persona4ym6.jpg]

after this line the screen goes black to go to day 10/21 and just hangs, sorry im not any more help but im a naab Laugh
also since all versions crash i shouldnt have posted here and in pcsx2 bug report right? sorry about that
it would be nice if you can make a post in the bug-report section; it helps us devs because we just have to go there and see the bugs, instead of searching all over the forum.

also, have you tried loading a memcard save into the Official PCSX2 builds, to see if it works there?
(just want to know if this bug was introduced in playground, or if its always happened)

also, persona games have been known to be fixed by changing roundmodes. (also try disabling DaZ and Flush to Zero if you have those on)
ok im gonna post in there. also gonna try on 0.9.4, havent tryed that one yet.
just gonna play a little in my ps2 (damn im hooked to the game xD)
Be sure to read the guidelines to post a complete bug report thanks Smile
im going to post now in the bug thread but just wanted to say that from svn377(0.9.5) up in all versions the games hangs

however the good news is that in the 0.9.4 how impossible it is to play with all those glitches and slowdows it actually loads the next scene in 10/20

sorry i didnt confirmed this before but i dont have 0.9.4 a long time now and since i was using a LOT of save state on the latest playground release i couldnt just load state on 0.9.4, had to roll back a few save states played a few hours and then confirmed that only in 0.9.4 the game does not hang

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