Persona 4 crash
I've been playing Persona 4 Shin Megami Tensei for a while and it has been running smoothly. Up until 6/24 it ran perfectly fine. On the night of 6/24 when i try and go to the hospital for the first time it crashes when i talk to the nurse. It says i don't have permission or the file is missing. This has probably already been posted on but i didn't want to read 120 forum posts to find it. Is my ROM bad or is there a fix for this. Here is a screen shot for a better explanation.

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It sounds like a bad rip to me. I really doubt it would help but have you tried to use PCSX2 as admin? It did say not enough rights but it really does sound like a rip issue.
Also make sure that you haven't installed PCSX2 in any C:\ Folder, except for example: C:\PCSX2, since Windows 7 still has with some programs/games issues with rights of the most logical folders in C:\ For Example Program Files (x86) If you're running Windows 7 x64 or Program Files. Even Documents and Settings can give issues with rights in some cases. And otherwise it can indeed be the case that you had a bad rip. Try to make a new one with the program Imgburn, which you can find here:
Thanks guys. I was running as admin and even set folder privileges to everything for everyone. I'll try again later and keep you updated on what happens. On a extremely side note, how do i get my posts to post the first time?
Lets look at Smile
Got it working. Thanks guys!
(01-20-2013, 03:03 AM)yoshi8mydog Wrote: Got it working. Thanks guys!
You forgot to say how ?Tongue
Err sorry. I said earlier I was gonna reinstall the ROM so I thought that was clear. apparently not. i reinstalled it and its working except for sometimes I'll hit the rush button and my emulator will crash. Kinda annoying in a dungeon. might just be this floor which would be odd also. And it has fps issues i didn't have before. I shall keep you updated.
Should i put up my specs? I should be able to run it since far cry 3 seems more intensive and I'm running that at max graphics.
Oh graphics card. Why do you need to reinstall. Tongue2. Ok I have no idea what the EE is but every time a fight loads it spikes up. other than that it runs fine. And it stopped crashing after I reset my system.
Yes, post your specs.
Btw, i dont think far cry 3 is a ps2 game ??
Or are you ridiculously trying to compare emulated games to native pc games ?

Can you please post the full emulog.txt after you get a crash ?
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