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Persona 4 .ct file
So I recently started another play through of Persona 4 and decided to play about in the memory using Cheat Engine and thought I would share my .ct with you guys.

Game: Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 4 SLUS-21782
PCSX2 1.2.1 (r5875)
Cheat Engine 6.4

Persona slot 1 to 12 skill adjuster - I went through slots 1 to 12 and mapped out all 8 spaces of their skills, I have yet to write down every skill, but I have done a number of them:

01 Agi
09 Immortal Flame

14 Garu
21 Panta Rhei

26 Bufu
34 Bloody Rain

39 Zio
46 Thunder Reign

51 Megido
52 Megidola
53 Megidolaon
54 Last Resort
55 Black Viper
56 Morning Star

[b]Light 1HK[/b]
61 Hama
67 Samsara

[b]Dark 1HK[/b]
72 Mudo
73 Mudoon
74 Mamudo
75 Mamudoon
76 Eternal Black
77 Hell's Judgement
78 Die for Me!

[b]Status Infliction[/b]
083 Pulinpa
084 Tentarafoo
085 Evil Touch
086 Evil Smile
087 Ghastly Wail
088 Balzac
089 Valiant Dance
090 Poisma
091 Poison Mist
092 Soul Break
093 Anima Freeze
094 Enervation
095 Old One
096 Galgalim Eyes
097 Makajam
098 Foolish Whisper
099 Foul Breath
100 Stagnant Air
101 Life Drain
102 Spirit Drain
103 Life Leech
104 Spirit Leech
105 Judgement

[b]Physical Damage P1[/b]
120 Bash
121 Cleave
122 Assault Dive
123 Sonic Punch
124 Double Fangs
125 Kill Rush
126 Swift Strike
127 Twin Shot
128 Fatal End
129 Mighty Swing
130 Torrent Shot
131 Heat Wave
132 Gigantic Fist
133 Blade of Fury
134 Deathbound
135 Arrow Rain
136 Akasha Arts
137 Tempest Slash
138 Heaven's Blade
139 Myriad Arrows
140 God's Hand
141 Pralaya
142 Primal Force
143 Vorpal Blade
144 Power Slash
145 Gale Slash
146 Brave Blade
147 Herculean Strike
148 Vicious Strike
149 Single Shot
150 Skewer

[b]Physical Status[/b]
151 Poison Skewer
152 Poison Arrow
153 Blight
154 Virus Wave
155 Skull Cracker
156 Mind Slice
157 Hysterical Slap
158 Crazy Chain
159 Muzzle Shot
160 Seal Bomb
161 Arm Chopper
162 Atom Smasher
163 Cell Breaker
164 Mustard Bomb
165 Brain Shake
166 Navas Nebula
167 Golden Right

[b]Physical Damage P2[/b]
168 Black Spot
169 Rainy Death

[b]Multi Physical[/b]
170 Hassou Tobi
171 Rampage
172 Aeon Rain
173 Agneyastra

[b]Bonus Physical[/b]
174 Cruel Attack
175 Vile Assault

192 Dia
193 Diarama
194 Diarahan
195 Media
196 Mediarama
197 Mediarahan
198 Salvation
199 Patra
200 Me Patra
201 Re Patra
202 Posumudi
203 Mutudi
204 Enradi
205 Tirundi
206 Nervundi
207 Energy Shower
208 Amrita
209 Recarm
210 Samarecarm

[b]Foe Stats[/b]
211 Tarunda
212 Matarunda
213 Sukunda
214 Masukunda
215 Rakunda
216 Marakunda

[b]Alli Buff[/b]
217 Dekunda
218 Tarukaja
219 Matarukaja
220 Sukuaja
221 Matasukuaja
222 Rakukaja
223 Marakukaja

[b]Debuff/Buff Alli/foe[/b]
224 Dekaja
225 Heat Riser
226 Debilitate

[b]Double Damage[/b]
227 Power Charge
228 Mind Charge

229 Tatrakarn
230 Makarakarn

[b]Shield Break[/b]
231 Tetra Break
232 Makara Break

[b]1HK Shield[/b]
233 Tetraja

[b]Crit Buff[/b]
234 Rebellion
235 Revolution

[b]Elemental Nullify[/b]
236 Fire Break
237 Ice Break
238 Wind Break
239 Elec Break

[b]Elemental Guard[/b]
240 Red Wall
241 White Wall
242 Blue Wall
243 Green Wall

244 Trafuri
245 Recarmdra
246 Traesto

I haven't bothered with some of the elemental attacks I just put the first and the last attacks for each element as lets face it, you won't bother to use them.

Margaret's Requests
Sukukaja 220
Mahama 63
Rampage 171
Bufula 27
Auto-Sukukaja 4 Mod 2*
Megido 51
Mediarama 196
Tetrakam 229
Mind Charge 228

*Obviously there are more then 255 skills, as such some abilities require a modifier, most of the skills I use are on 0 but a few will be on 1 or 2, so if you decide to map out the rest of the skills but cant find what you are looking for, chances are its on the 01 or 02 modifier, I tried a few random address with a mod of 3 and some garbled text does appear, but none of them had any notes so I doubt there is anything of use in 3+ modifier.

As for the modifier, it is always the very next byte of the skill (I added one of them in slot 12 space 2 of the .ct, but if you are going to extensively modify your persona skills feel free to add them to your .ct file).

Apparently I can't attach .ct files so I zipped it, the picture below is of the CT file in the cheat engine:

[Image: 2PaXxzC.png]

If anyone wishes to finish the list then feel free to do so, a little tip: once you have changed the skill, tap R1 > L1 for the change to show up.

Attached Files
.zip   Persona 4.zip (Size: 1,85 KB / Downloads: 1.862)

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If you have gone so far... you can as well create pnach's... Then even people without cheat engine can use your cheats..
(11-09-2014, 11:59 PM)willkuer Wrote: If you have gone so far... you can as well create pnach's... Then even people without cheat engine can use your cheats..

People without Cheat Engine? the free to download and easy to use Cheat Engine?

With .pnach they need constant adjusting:

>Buy Persona
>Choose to have Agi on one of your persona
>Open .pnach
>Find one out of 96 skills
>Change the last digit to 01
>Save .pnach
>Disable that particular code so when Persona is equipped and moves to the top the code doesn't write Agi to the Persona that gets shifted down
>Equip Persona

With .ct it's a simple case of:

>Load .ct
>Press enter and put 01
>Equip Persona

With cheat engine, unless you freeze the code you only need to adjust it once, and if the Persona is equipped (and moves to the top of the list) it doesn't write the skills to the Persona in the newly vacated slot.
Sounds reasonable to me.

I just thought that you don't know the pnach system. But if you considered it but decided to use cheat engine it is just fine.
That's fair enough. Truth be told, I only found out about the .pnach system about a week ago, and have used it for my current run through of P4, but I have been using CE for years and imo its considerably more accessible and easier to use for the cheats I use. On the flip side though the ability to not have to input hundreds of codes and memory adjustments to get all weapons/armor/accessories is a dream come true lol.

Edit: Who is the cretin that doesn't like turtles *crosses arms*
Just check the results.
In terms of the spells that you can replace. You can go to 512+ Enemy specific attacks and such.
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