Persona 4 frame rate issue
heya Smile First post here and im generally a heavy newbie on Pcxs2 so sorry if i have made any moronic mistakes.

I just recently got the program to work, I've only configured the control and gone to work with persona 4, everything worked, i even learned the frame rate limiter by accident so i was able to find out why i was suddenly spiking 80-200 in fps.

But my problem is now that i begun playing the game again (start up normal, load etc.) the framerate seems to be stuck around the 30s when i play it actively (running around, talking, anything in that manner).

As said it has worked perfectly before without any problems but now its gone pretty slow and is generally unplayable Sad and im wondering what i can do to fix this? (Sorry if this issue is seen before, i have tried looking around in both the forum and google but havn't found anything that could seem to fix my issue or at the least sounded like it Sad )

- windows 7 proffesional, 64 bit
- 8 Gb RAM
- i3 2.93 Ghz (read you need 3 to a fluid 60fps but before i ran on a fine 50fps which i was fine with - now suddenly down to 30fps)
May be also be because its not a duo core? But that doesn't explain why it worked well in the first place (this was also in battles etc.)

Hope someone can help a sad newbie <Tongue

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Bro try some speed hacks and post ur plugins and EE,GS % . Also converting your persona 4 game to an iso will give u a good boost i think
tried speed hacks - didn't work turned back to default.
My plugins - (ill post later) - should be the norm since i just got the basic pack, installed etc. and got to work :3

EE and GS % was WAY LOW i think 1-10% each
EDIT: EE is about 31% ad GS 1-3% now its working fine btw.

Restarted pc and now it works fine, think i may have had a program running in the background before that was doing something? Though i had nothing open o.o (might have been a system program or something taking up power Tongue )

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