Persona 4 issue?
This is my first time of playing persona 4. There's two problem that I encounter at the start of the game.

1).. I couldn't get MC to study or read. I get the message saying "You're exhausted from your exploration inside the TV". 
And I still get this message even though I didn't go to dungeon after school.. and I did rested MC the day before.

The date in-game is 4/20 which I assume there's no special event that I missed so.. is this normal?

2) I've searched for exp multiplier for MC over the internet but none of them worked properly. The only one that work, albeit buggy, is this code. 

But the thing is, for some reason MC's level is stuck when the code is on. Basically he gets increased hp/sp but the level gets stucked.

The other code seems to add insane amount of exp (instantly brings MC to level 99) despite changing the last three digits.

// 4x EXP Multi (Main Character)

I'll be thankful if anyone could provide me with a working exp multiplier.  Ninja

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Hmm. Apparently the debug mode code preventing the game from triggering the study/read book event. So I had to disable it (using another code that turns it off), and now it's working again.
Cheat codes can really screw things up in some games. Persona 3 and 4 are good examples. They are very sensitive to cheating - if it's not exactly right a lot of weird things can manifest.
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Just a head ups , the exp code does work. Just don't use arcana effect exp multiplier alongside with the above code.

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