Persona 4 lag inside TV.
On title there's a small lag before the menu shows. In game normally there's no lag on the "real world", but if I go inside the TV, sound starts to be strange and image starts to lag on dialogue, battle and any interaction.

The pcsx2 version I'm using is 1.2.1

I only changed some things on video settings:
Adapter: Nividia GeForce GT630
Renderer: Direct3D11 (Hardware)
Iterlacing: (F5) None

Custom Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Texture Filtering: disabled

Here's my specs:

CPU: AMD AM3+ FX 8350 Vishera
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630
RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3 1866MHz

TY  Happy

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What does the EE,VU and fps say in the game window title screen during those times
What speed hacks are you using
Try using scaling rather than custom resolution(3x scaling in this game is almost like 1920x1080)
My fps normally is 60 (never goes lower than 59 on real world), but when I go into TV it drops to 35~40
EE is always between 30~50, no matter where I'm.
VU is usually at 35~40, on "real world" maps it have spikes up to 90, but no lag. On TV world it never goes over 45 or bellow than 30.
I'm using EE Cicle 2, VU Cicle 0 (tryed 1, same problems) and everything checked except fast CDVD.
I changed it to 3x scaling, same problems.
Is it slow when using the native resolution?
For video, no, for sound, yes.


Video nice on 2x native too, sound problem still.
Does it run at 60 fps?
Yup, 2x native running at 60 fps, only goes lower than 59 except on the world changing transition (near 45fps there, around 5fps on 3x native).
On 3x native it goes to around 13 fps when I use any itens in battles too.
There's no difference in fps between native and 2x native, why is there that huge difference between 2x native and 3x native?
Your GPU is probably not powerful enough. Regarding the audio problem, you can try setting the Synchronizing Mode of SPU2-X to Async Mix.
Ok, ty. Tomorrow I will borrow my friend GTX 980 TI, if the problem stills, I will post here.

BTW, Thanks!

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