Persona 4 laggy
I have pcsx2 0.9.8 (r4600) to play Persona 4, but sometimes laggy when battle with 3 monsters or more (30 FPS)
My computer specification:
AMD A6-3500 (overclock to 3 GHz)
VGA HD 6530D (onboard llano)
EE rate up to 30-100% and GS 1-30%
Please give me setting for play persona 4 on my computer without laggy

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P4 is quite high-demanding
i think your current AMD CPU is already hold your back even it's OCed at 3Geez and may lead to overheating.
in addition to your onboard video a SOAC chip and it's a low-powered based thus it's weak for demanding pcsx2 games.

best to play other games w/c is low-demanding other than P4.
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Actually the 6530D IGP isn't that bad as u might suspect from embedded/integrated graphic cards Tallbender. According to some benchmarks the 6530D actually perform pretty decent and is so far the fastest IGP on the market. They tested it with many PC Games. Okay comparing PC Games with Emulating is a big no-no, but still the 6530 isn't that bad. I do agree that the APUs from AMD aren't really terrific with Emulating atleast not with PCSX2.

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