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Persona 4 minor issues...
Was wondering if there is a way to disable that blurry effect persona 4 has when moving around, ive checked some original ps2 persona 4 videos and i don't see having it so apparent...tried as many video settings as possible but nothing seems to take it away...any ideas?

my persona 4 settings on the imgur album (no game fixes used)

the second issue is that when fusing personas , the resulting persona is not seen well example:

any ideas?

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Sounds like that you have toyed with your clamping settings.
(10-12-2014, 10:44 AM)StriFe79 Wrote: Sounds like that you have toyed with your clamping settings.

that affects what? the motion blurr or the persona not showing after fusion?
persona not showing, and that effect you have is ghosting, but I forgot which setting produces that.
oh i see , ill try the clamping setting...and is there a way to take this ghosting out from persona 4?
I just started going through Persona 4 as well. Having the same Ghosting issue. Clamping does tone it down a tad but the ghosting effect is still present. Just not as bad as yours. Yours is pretty intense.. I just set it to normal. I will screw around with it some more considering it is annoying..
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The ghosting is normal, you can't do anything to fix it. Although it does seem particularly bad in this case.
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oh ok better get used to this effect Tongue

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