Persona 4, pretty bad FPS.
Okay, Persona 4 is running pretty bad for me in most areas. I'm wondering if this is just PCSX2, which I have no quarrel with. Or if it's my PC specifications; if this is the case then yeah, I'm a bit peeved.


SVN Build
GSdx 1538 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.15 (Native Resolution)
SPU2-X 1.1.0
VU Clip Hack - Fixes missing ground geometry in Persona.
Use x2 Cycle Rate, all the EmotionEngine Misc Hacks.
Default CPU configuration and Advanced options.

PC Setup:

Phenom 9500 Quad-Core 2.2 GHz
Radeon 4890 1GB
2GB SuperTalent (Not sure on the timings)

Game goes really jittery and below 40 FPS in a lot of the areas.
I've been reading a lot of threads and what not, I dwell PCSX2 forum, have never registered though.

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Well your hardware specs are certainly up to snuff. I cant offer any other advice, though; sorry.

EDIT: The clockspeed on your processor might be a bit weak. 2.2 isn't much and pcsx2 doesn't take advantage of your 4 cores.
must be something wrong with your configs or specs the game runs perfect for me
Unfortunatelly 2.2GHz processor wont really do for this game in some parts, in mine most of the events are slow (and some parts of the town also). If you get the latest beta and set the "vu cycle stealing" speedhack to slight or moderate you will get overall better speed and most of the audio will be fast however the char animations will be just as slow.
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your system specs are well now. i think yours is more powerfull than mine.
dual core e2220 2,4ghz
2gb ram
9600 gt
i have got this game around 60fps almost areas. just some areas, at headquarter (junes), town(south street) the fps slowdown ~45fps.
overview, the game runs pretty well for me. and one thing, i don't think "vu cycle stealing" speedhack help much. it don't help the game run faster indeed except the fps and the sound is better ...
must be the graphic card I have the same cpu not OCed
the game runs full speed and even more up to 150fps except for certain fights
also I have a geforce 8600GTS so your graphics card should be better

use all the latest plugins and pcsx2

then cpu : only mVU off and no frame skipping !!!

gsdx: allow 8 bit textures and definetly DX10 texture filtering should be greyed resolution is your's to decide but I would use a res over 1024x1024

spu: do what you want just don't disable streching XD

CDVD: use linuzapps and a iso

Speedhacks: 1.5X cycle hack everything in the middle NO VU stealing!!!!!! and no mVU speedhacks

advanced :default

and the persona Gamefix should be checked

VUstealing shuld only be used if nothing else works cause this breaks most game synchs with sound etc sometimes even graphic bugs and some games break immediatly (it's still way better than the old VUskip or 3Xcyclehack)
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make sure "denormals are zero" and "Flush to zero" are both ticked under the advanced config, they generally cause slowdown in persona games when off. also what does GSDX say at the top for CPU %? if that is high you could try 8bit textures under the gsdx config, if its on now, try turning it off
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Thank you all kindly for the support! I will try out suggested methods.

I've tried suggested things, my CPU is around 30 - 50%, I get 60 FPS in the house and a few other areas. Most areas will sink in to the 40's, places with lots of people.
Battle screen can go very low as well.
trying using GSDx 890
The latest gsdx plugins make the game run slow for me, and 890 is the only graphics plugin that i've found that makes the game playable.
Also, keep in mind that the emu is of course a WIP and the game was released rather recently, so don't expect too much unless your computer has some pretty good specs. Even I'm waiting for when the speedhacks apply to persona 4.
You want a newer one than 890 or you get the lovely flashing floor bug sadly I don't remember on which revision it was fixed.

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