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Persona 4 slow down during Dialogue, Rain, and Fog
Windows Vista Business 32-Bit SP2
AMD Athlon 64 X2
4 GB Dual Channel DDR2
512 ATI 5450

MSAA 0X-Z-32
ALL BOXES CHECKED In Hacks Configurations

Native Res. D3D9 Auto Interlacing Extra Rendering Threads 0 ALL OTHER BOXES UNCHECKED

1-Linear. Disable Effects Checked. 1-XAudio Async

BIOS USA 2.2 2006

Recompiler (Both)
Chop/Zero and Normal

microVU (both cores)
Chop/Zero and Normal

GS (left unmodified)

GS Window
Widescreen (16.9)
zoom 100.00
hide windows when paused and default to fullscreen mode on oen only boxes checked

EE 3 VU 3 ( really hasnt made much of a difference sliding either)
only checked boxes are Spin Detection, Flag Hack and Loop detection

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(07-23-2014, 12:01 AM)SlaterMarcus Wrote: I know this is old

That is why you better create your own thread. Hijacking other's thread is not nice and necroing old post not helpful. Just create a new thread where you start from the beginning: Post your specs and settings and tell us the problem you're facing.
I did give him advice at the bottom. No hijacking but I will for sure start another thread thank you for the suggestion. I saw how he said that fog and spoken dialogue where the same issue but through my fumblings this week, I had to let this thread starter's know that they could be different issues, especially considering his specs. I want to know if that graphics card crapped out 2 years ago or what?

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