Persona 4 sound is really good with latest dec8th exe
Hi there. Thought id register to let u know how i got persona 4 working nicely for me.

Before the latest exe the sound and no matter what sound plugin i used the sound wasnt perfect. With the latest exe and settings used below the sound is perfect, (tested intro vid and sound is perfect sync and no stutter or lag Smile )

Im using

396_PPr402_pcsx2.exe (dec 8th) (key to getting sound nice)
In advanced click defaults
In speed hacks click stable
In cpu the 3 boxes on left are ticked and vu skip is ticked

ZeroGSKosmos 0.97.1 (latest i found at playground)
These might be changable i aint tested tho.
1024x res
top left 2 tick boxes
no aa

Zero SPU2 0.4.6 (first two boxs ticked in config for this)

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So the sound was worse in earlier builds?
What about the release one? It worked great for Persona3 Tongue2
Yeah its a real improvement with the sound with the latest exe compared to the laggy sound from earlier builds i think i had 377 last time.

Only trouble now is fps which ive improved a tad with setting in ati control panel to optimal performance.

This game is very long at the start i.e bit of anime then the game starts then loads of dialogue then school etc. No fighting yet tho i could do a attack "once and only only i couldnt progress after the 1 hit) when i was dreaming when i went to the futon for first time. I had to reload and just do guard all the time.

My spec incase ppl interested.

X2 amd skt 939 3800+ oc to 2.6ghz
2gb ram ddr1
xp pro sp3
ati HIS x1950pro agp 512mb 8.12 drivers.
nov direct x 9

Got a place where i cant go futher, help me plz (see end) All i can do at end was press triangle or O buttons i just couldnt fight or do anything else. Sad Need help as i said to get past this.

Fps halfed cos of fraps. Sad but does run smooth.

Edit- Copied sstate over to older install and it got past battle bit ok
This is a random bug, kept happening with Persona 3 as well. Just save regularly using different savestates.
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I newer see this bug in P3, P3FES (they have no crush for me at all) and but I'm just started P4. Do you have some additional info?
Well theres a crash when yukari i think shes called the red dressed one in class at start, after the erm incident at school i think it was or just before i forget its when the camera pans to her after she gets up from chair it can crash when camera moves to her a bit.

Also the dream sequence at start it doesnt crash but cant get past when u first hit the guy in the fog (did get past eventually with other exes i believe or messin with plugins cant remember which exactly i did tho.

And basically the end of my video it wouldnt progress either. Thats all of the bugs for now.
Well, I if you have a savestate prior this battle, I recomend to you turn off MGTS. If it work, that we have another race condition, and it's could be fixed.
So far im ok im at a good place in the game but if i do encounter a bug ill try that tip u said. Cheers.
SkeeterUK, I have the NTSC version of persona 4 (which runs fine otherwise with the bleeding edge svn builds I try-even soundwise),but the game stops progressing, during the very first battle, at the very first dream. That is when I attack the shadow.If I choose to keep pressing guard, then the dream ends and I can keep playing. If you can try this part, id appreciate it.
Also bare in mind that IOP sync hack has to be enabled, in order for some text to be rendered.

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