Persona 4 won't load
Hey, I just recently installed PCSX2. I've got everything I can think of in place - the bios are in, the plug ins are in, I've configured the controls, graphics and sounds, etc.
When I hit execute from the menu, it brings me to the PS2 menu, so the emulator itself works. When I select the Persona 3 ISO, however, it simply says "Insert Playstation or Playstation 2 disc", the old red error message.
Anything I can do to fix that?

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If running an ISO file: Dismount the ISO from any program like daemon tools etc. Then CDVD->Choose ISO, then ISO selector->Browse, find your ISO and System->Boot CD/DVD (fast)
If running from a DVD disc: CDVD set to "Plugin", Config->Plugin/BIOS selector->On CDVD choose Gigaherz CDVD->Configure it and choose your proper DVDrom drive letter and finally System->Boot CD/DVD (fast)
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I am running it off an iso file, and I've done everything you've told me, except for the BootCD/DVD option. I don't know if I just can't find it, or if I don't have the right version/plugin - I have the latest PCSX2 for Snow Leopard.
Oh I'm sorry never noticed this was in the Mac section...can't help anymore since I have practically no idea about the Mac port of PCSX2 Tongue
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Are you selecting "File >> Run ISO image..." ? from the PCSX2 menu? (right when you open PCSX2, not running your BIOS (no disc) before)

If that doesn't work, it makes me think there is something wrong with your ISO.
are you trying to run a PAL game with a NTSC bios or vice versa? that would def make it not see the disc.
or if thats not the case i would try making a new ISO of the game off the disc using the terminal method since it makes a byte by byte copy of the entire disc instead of copying everything it can see.
instructions available in this thread:
13" 2010 Mac Book Pro - Snow Leopard 10.6.7 - Pcsx2 Version: 0.9.6 (and praying on 0.9.7 to release)
2.4Ghz Intel Duo Core | NVIDIA 320M (256mb) | 4 Gigs 1067mhz DDR3 Ram

These are the plugins I am using and persona 4 runs fine for me:
Graphics: ZZ Ogl PG 0.1.0
Sound: ZeroSPU2 Playground 0.4.6
Controller: OnePAD 1.1.0
Dev9: DEV9null Driver 0.4.0
Cdvdrom: Linuz Iso CDVD 0.9.0

From the default pcsx screen:

Configure->Select BIOS Dir->Open BIOS file->"hit ok"


File->Run Iso Image...->"choose the iso you want to run under the FILES window"->"hit ok"

It should run after that. If not you may have a corrupt Iso file :/

For me the intro runs around 60 fps and drops to around 30 or so whenever there is dialogue or a lot of people. You can circumvent this and speed up the game a little bit by TURNING ON SPEED HACKS AND UNCHECKING ALL BOXES IN THE SOUND PLUGIN.

Good luck mate
2010 15" macbook pro 2.4 GHz intel i5, NVIDIA 256 mb, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3-
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The more I think about it you probably have a bad ISO.

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