Persona protagonist stutters when walking
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*summary* Persona protagonist stutters while walking, game does not.
Hi thanks for your time,

I've been playing my copy of persona 4 on my desktop and everything seems to work fine, 60 fps etc, except that walking or moving the character in any way does not work fluidly. i.e. I'll point the joystick to one end of the room and the character will go that way but he stops every few steps, sometimes jitters, and then moves. This prevents the game from being playable in any situation where the character has to move quickly, and this being the case, I cannot play persona 4.

PCSX2 worked fine for me in all other situations FFX with enhanced gfx etc. This persona walking lag(?) stutter(?) is new. I have tried turning on and off any seemingly relevant settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

system specs:
core: I3 2.93 ghz, gfx:HD 5670, ram: 4gb ddr3, windows 7 64x

plugins:GSDX 5334, Lilypad (SSSPX had the same problem)
SPU2X, Linuz ISO .9, USB Null .7, FWnull .7, DEV9null .5

PCSX2: 1.0.0


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Changing the sensitivity of the left analogue axis should fix that (even if you don't have an xbox360 controller)
See here:
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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