Persona3FES movement problems...
i know there are alot of posts on running isues with this game but i couldnt find one relating to my problem so im hoping someone might have some answers.

i started playing this game about a week ago and my pc really isnt fully capable of running games but with patience i can play this game despite the lag. I took this game home with me for a few days and played it on my parents pc which runs the game perfectly...but now ive come back to my pc i seem to be having more problems...

When i move my character it takes a second for him to register ive told him to move (thats fine, it always does that) but now if i hold the button down he'll continue to run in that direction despite me not pressing down a button. He wont change direction and wont register any other button action until he decides to stop running into a wall -.-

ive tried reinstalling the program but the problems still occuring. I have patience with lag because i really like this game but when he's constantly running into walls it gets a bit tiresome.

Has anyone else had this problem? or know anyway of being able to control my character again?

my PC specs are:

AMD Sempron 3000+
1.81GHz, 2G RAM

I already know my pc isn’t built for playing these games but im only using the emulator for Persona3FES and it does work...its just a little slow Tongue

In game settings are:
CPU: VU skip
Graphics: ZeroGS 0.97.1
Sound: SPU2-x 1.1.0
LilyPad controller

if ive missed something let me know and i'll add it

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This is not a bug report, this is a support post. This belongs in the general PCSX2 forum, not the bug report... I'm sure I'll mod will move it for you when they see it.

That said, My first suggestion for you would be to run the latest beta version of pcsx2 since it's faster... I'd also recommend using GSDX if you can...

What exactly are you using for your controls? Are you using a PC gamepad? Or keyboard? The input lag is almost assuredly because of how slow the game plays. As for it running into the wall... I had some similar problems with ICO not having proper clamping set in the advanced options... but I can't recall ever having this problem with Persona 3...
[Image: 2748844.png]
You'll have to do a lot of trial and error here.
-Try different pad plugins / plugin versions.
-Check if vsync is disabled in GSdx and in the driver options.
-Eh yeah, use GSdx instead of ZeroGS for a speedup and less glitches Tongue2
ive tried it with the latest beta and the control problem seems to be fixed Smile just having some minor graphical issues where my character dissapears or various objects turn blue...i'll play around with the settings some more and see if i can sort this out.

thanks for help, i wouldnt have thought about using the beta version Smile

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