Personal 3 crash on May, 9
well,i'm using PCSX2-0.9.8 i have completed FF-XII, WildArm 3 4 5 and Code after..., Grandia Extreme...and 3
Now im playing Personal 3, everything went smooth but there is problem that if i go to the above station (the one near Dorm and Sphrine) from School, or from the Mall, or below station, it got crash everytime. It mean i can go into this station from the Dorm and Sphrine. So everything oke...

And i played to 9 May, after the conversation at midnight, the story lead to the station meeting, and it loaded 3s and get crashed... I had read the past topics, there is problem like me, but noone gave answer after all, and they said there is any patch that fix this crash, but what exact do this patch mean? the new ISO file or the patch for PCSX2? Can anyone help me pls Sad

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can anyone help me? i'm finding the resolve on google through 2 hours, but no hope...
Post all your PCSX2 settings. Are you playing the undub patched Persona 3?
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[Image: 80959832.jpg]
[Image: 86093829.jpg]
[Image: 59253643.jpg]

i did not use any speedhack, also i tried used manual game fixed for Persona game, and i loaded game from the memory card of pcsx, not savestate, but its not okay after all.. Do you think if i should change my pcsx2 version?

And i dont know what patch this personal 3 is, i downloaded it from the big torrent include many game. (there is some game i talked about on the first, all of them are playable..)

thank you for replying, thank so much Laugh
Quote:, i downloaded it from the big torrent include many game.
There is your problem right there...

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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