Phantom Brave ps3 controller issues
So, I got the emulator working... got my ps3 controller working* .. got my games working and everything is great... except my controller /related software has a nervous tick and I cant figure out how to solve it. Basically every now and then for around 10 to 30 seconds the game will start receiving directional commands that I'm not giving it. This normally takes the form of an up/left directional input but occasionally also has been simulating r2 and l2 key-presses. these key-presses iterate in .5 to 1 second intervals. I think the problem may be oversensitive joysticks but I cant figure out how to decrease sensitivity or increase dead-zone on the joysticks.

I'm also concerned that the random key-presses are unrelated to actual input and are just junk data being interpreted as input data (i.e. either bugs with the software or time to reformat my hard drive and change anti-virus software.)

Any suggestions?

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What software/drivers are you using with your PS3 controller? If it's MotionJoy, cleanse yourself of that trash immediately and install Xinput.

Download here:

Follow this post first:
Then follow this post (where it says "SCPInstaller.exe", it should be "SCPFilterDriver.exe" in the latest version):
And use this plugin (not lilypad):

If you're already using Xinput, reinstall it anyway following the posts above.

Let me know if this fixes the issue. If not, it's either a game problem or another, unrelated problem.
Current PCSX2 version: v1.7.2460-windows-64bit-SSE4

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Thanks a lot! so far it is working great Smile. This really is a lot easier to use than motion-joy. It was so easy to set up that I wasen't sure i had done it correctly until I booted up a game to try it out!

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