Phenom II no SSE4?!
ok i just got the X3 Phenom II 720 and its ***** amaaaaaaazing with pcsx2! but i'm wondering why i cant use the SSE3 and SSE4 versions of the graphics plug ins? it says my processor doesnt support it but i know it has support for both from CPUZ sooooo ...whats up? would i notice any improvements ? i mean i already get 50-60 frames in MGS3 which is crazy but would SSE3 or SSE4 be a step up and is there some way to enable those plugins for my cpu?

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no, gsdx uses ssse3 and sse4.1, both being intel only. amd supports sse3 and sse4a, which provide nothing useful for pcsx2 and gsdx, you're stuck with the sse2 variant of gsdx.
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not SSE3, its SSSE3, not SSE4a, its SSE4.1 so next time just read better.
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