Pixel Shader 1.4
I have pixel shader 1.4, is there any way to play PS2 games with Pixel Shader 1.4?

Apologize for my bad English.

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Not with the latest versions of PCSX2. You need shader model 2.0 at least.

You may be able to with older versions (I think 0.9.4 or lower) will but they will play at a far reduced speed compared to the newer versions.
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Well, you can look into something called Swiftshader, but I think it basically emulates Pixel Shader 2.0 so it will be horribly slow.
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An old version of the emu, like 0.9.2 with an old GSdx9 like 0.9.0 or something, some games will run ok...
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I'm not sure if he needs to use an old version of the emu unless his cpu doesn't support sse2 (which in that case its probably best to give up on pcsx2).
But regardless, he definitely needs an older version of gsdx from when it supported ps 1.4.
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Oh, well last time I tried an old GSdx it didnt run in 0.9.6 but i didnt really try hard to get it running...

Ah there we go need to disable MTGS or else it constantly crashes for me, not really good thing :/
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