Pixelated/Unsharp Picture
Hello everyone!

I thought i come back to emulating on PC since i upgraded my Hardware since i last tried it(it ran horribly back then) and so im all set now. I choose the PC back then and missed out on all those epic Games Happy

But i got a Problem; Im playing Onimusha 3 right now but my Picture is badly Pixelated and kinda Blurry(escpecially when its zoomed away from the Player)

Im using a 16:9 Widescreen 20 Zoll with a maximum Resolution of 1920x1080
My GPU is a Sapphire HD 6870 1GB

Thanks in advance


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Do you have the internal resolution on native?

Have a look at this config guide to get familiar with the settings. Just stick to presets in the emulation settings, if you don't know what you're doing, and read the guide I linked, and you should be fine.
go into gsdx settings
increase the D3D internal resolution and enable the texture filtering will help bring much better graphics
but glitches will happen
it worked !!! thanks Smile

i put video direct3d11 and it works Laugh

any more good games ?

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