Pixelated graphics
Hi, another problem with Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, and now graphics in game is... awful.
Screenshot in attachment. My laptop specs:

Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i5-3210M
2.50Ghz x 4 Threads
Intel HD Graphics 4000
nVidia GeForce 630M

Note: Back on Windows 7 graphics was better, now it's really bad, BUT now game is soft (60FPS and more), back then was still 59,94FPS.


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What are your GSdx settings

Oh I forgot, I use the same settings but in Hardware mode (without Thread option).
You are running in software modes,switch the renderer to hardware and use some scaling mode...and enable texture filtering(half enabled)
It works, thanks a lot!
Also I disabled some HW Hacks, such as NVIDIA Hack, Agressive CRC or Half-Pixel Offset.
Thanks for help! Smile

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