Plans for Wheel support with Qt ?
Are there plans for wheel support with the Qt version of the nightly releases?

I ask this because as of writing this, PCSX2 v-1.7.2946 does not recognise my Thrustmaster T300RS as an input device, actually, it does not recognise any racing hardware that I have plugged into my PC.

Thrustmaster T300RS + pedals.
Thurstmaster shifter TH8A
Thrustmaster/Sparco sequential shifter/handbrake
Fanatec Handbrake

But it will recognize my PS4, my PS3, my Thurstmaster Xbox controllers, even my Gamecube adapter for the Wii/PC/Switch by pdobc.

So I assume it has not been incorporated into the code.

I have been using the PCSX2 1.6.0 for the longest time to play Gran Turismo 4 with the USBqemu-wheel.dll plugin, been fantastic so far. But during this past winter, I tried using a gameshark to add some cheats to Dark Cloud and I learned that disk swap was broken on 1.6.0, and after looking for help online, someone pointed me out to the nightly builds at

Downloaded 1.7.2187 and disk swap works, great!! When I tried to look for a plugin folder, I found out that the USBqemu-wheel.dll had already been incorporated into the emulator, which was great but when I started it with Gran Turismo 4 and my wheel, it would just crash. But if I used a controller, then Gran Turismo 4 would start fine.

Since then I had been using the versions for everything except racing games, been using 1.6.0 for that.

But recently I learned about the new UI and it's great with how it automatically updates. But it just won't recognise any wheel input device. All my other games like Dirt Rally 2, F1 2018, Forza Horizon 4 etc. recognise the input. Which is why it leads me to believe wheels have not been added to the Qt nightly builds, at least Thrustmaster devices except the controller.

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From previous posts, there doesn't seem to be any immediate plans to add wheel support
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if it works on WXWidges (in the USB setup) then it'll eventually work on Qt, but there's no specific plans to add more USB devices right now, we have bigger fish to fry.
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Yeah, I started using the WxWidgets version now, only problem I ran into is that it requires me to disconnect the Wheel before starting the game otherwise it just crashes/shuts down. Then connect the wheel and go to config -> USB and press ok so the game recognises the wheel, can't simply just connect it, there is no response from the emulator/game.

It's fine for now.

Thank you very much for reaching out!!
I just want to say thank you, thank you , thank you so much PCSX2 developers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just updated my nightly build of the Qt PCSX2 and saw there was a lot of support for accessories, including wheels!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!

I didn't want to start a new thread, so just replying to this old one I started.
I tested Initial D Special Stage and Gran Turismo 4, force feedback feels good, I have a Fanatec GT DD wheel and had to correct my wheel centre, after that it all felt great. Initial D has wheel and pedals calibration in game and I got it close to arcade with the GT Force wheel option. Gran Turismo 4 has a little issue with the brake pedal, to bad there is no wheel calibration in game.

I'm not sure if you @refraction or the other devs are open to suggestions, but if you are, I would recommend adding a checkbox for inverting the axis for pedals. When I was mapping my wheel, my brake pedal had a "+" for it's axis and the pedal was maxed out in game. I solved it by going to ./PCSX2/inis/PCSX2.ini file, and modifying the value to a "-" to invert the axis and solve the issue, now I'm not a programmer but I have a little experience with looking for certain files and modding their values but it would be very difficult for complete beginners to know what to do.

Many newer racing games, especially sim racing games offer a way to invert the axis for pedals, I think this would be a good idea.

One final question, are there any plans for a possible integration of the gyro sensors from the joycons for gun games? I love how you devs have added the ability for PCSX2 to auto pair the joycons without the need for other software, but it would be cool to see the gyro sensors being used for replacing the mouse when playing gun games. I think Dolphin has a built-in integration of that feature for the Wii without the need of outside software, Cemu needs BetterJoy or DS4Windows for gyro support but since it has gone open source recently, hopefully it also becomes like Dolphin in the future.

Anyways, the whole PCSX2 team are superstars!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for the wheel support!! Best Christmas gift!! Really!!!
If suggestions are in order, I don't know if it's possible at this software level, but it would be nice to have an option to combine both input axes (brake, throttle) because for some reason, some games read the pedals that way and require one's wheel to be set to that 'mode' in order to function properly. Example: Burnout 3: Takedown for some reason was borderline unplayable because the car didn't move when the accelerator was pressed on the corresponding pedal, but instead throttle stopped the car, whereas neutral input was acceleration (??). This problem was not reproducible in Burnout: Revenge, which functions normally without need for combining of axes.
This is probably a really niche issue, but I notice on my Fanatec CSL pedals that it doesn't register an input until about 50% of throttle or brake travel. A friend of mine noticed her own pedals worked fine, but they are G27 pedals, which makes me wonder if this plug-in doesn't particularly like pedals that don't have potentiometers.
My T300 RS GT T3PA Pro pedal set does the same thing actually... Does it outside of the emu tho as well. Very weird, once you go past 50% it works normally for the rest of the session. No idea, probably some sort of software bug? Might not be an actual PCSX2 issue
(01-02-2023, 08:59 AM)RubyDesu912 Wrote: This is probably a really niche issue, but I notice on my Fanatec CSL pedals that it doesn't register an input until about 50% of throttle or brake travel. A friend of mine noticed her own pedals worked fine, but they are G27 pedals, which makes me wonder if this plug-in doesn't particularly like pedals that don't have potentiometers.

It could be, I do have the CSL Elite v2 pedals with my wheel, could be a fanatec issue, but I would still like a checkmark for inverting the axis, just in case.
This seems like the only thread going on about FFB on QT, so well here we go with my experience. And TLDR the FFB is just broken on QT up to this day.

I own a G923 which in theory , would be the best of the bunch to emulate FFB on the PS2 era since they were all logitech and gear driven. When using Wx it works pretty good. Even more while playing Enthusia since its has probably the most responsive ffb of all ps2 games and the self steering while drifting or catching a slide just works like you would expect to.

Now with QT, while is possible to bind every button and games recognize it just fine, theres the weirdest button to bind on wheel settings that I have ever seen, FFB!!! Just why? Why is there a button to bind forcefeedback to? Makes no sense, its something that's either ON or OFF or just a slider to control the game input force just like the Wx had. But you know what happens if you try to bind a button to FFB? In this case, obviously a wheel axis? The game works with half FFB!! So if I turn my wheel to the left and it binds it, it will only work with forces that are related to moving the wheel to the left side and theres no way to bind for both axis. And if it had, I'm under the impression that would be a very bad deadzone on the center, I might be wrong tho but,well. Let`s go for an example:

- Goes on into the first corner of Tsukuba, which is a right turn
- Wheel is binded to the left
- Turns right into the corner a bit hard on the gas
- Car starts to slide, FFB works moving the wheel to the left making the correction

Now If I try a left turn and the car starts a slide, it just won't do anything. The wheel is dead when trying to counteract left movements that would throw the wheel to the right. So if I go there and bind to the oposite side it will work, and make the other dead. Binding none of the axis to the ffb just makes use of the center spring force that the game uses and nothing more, wheel is dead like a giant controller.

I'm kinda sad in someways `cause I have to be using two versions of PCSX2 to run my games instead of using the updated nice features and fixes from QT. I know this is quite a niche problem and is not the priority at all, but what gonne wrong during the port of Wx functions to QT? Is so weird.

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