Play God of war 1 or 2 With 60+FPS on low Graphics [ INTEL G31 ]
Hello friend , Rolleyes

I am Very Happy to Help those people who Dream to play ps2 game on pc with 60 FPS ,Tongue Blush

If You Have a old PC like P4 or Dual core And Even you also don't Have Nvidia or Ati Graphics card and you want to play god of war 1 or 2 in your PC via pcsx2 emulator with 60 Fps . Ninja
So This configuration help you to play the Game well minimum Graphics memory needed 256 Mb

So here Is the configuration [step by step] Smile

Well My Pc config is this

[Image: bijuya.jpg]

My Display { Graphic config }
[Image: 29o50yh.jpg]

My Pcsx2 Config

[Image: 24pe0pw.jpg]

Graphics Properties

[Image: 2465l6h.jpg]

sound Pro.

[Image: 64ggb9.jpg]


[Image: 2z9il4l.jpg]

Speed hacks

[Image: 24x14yb.jpg]

Advanced Settings
[Image: 9r86yh.jpg]

so now You Can Run Emulator and play any ps2 on with 60+ FPS Tongue2

Here is MY Demo >

[Image: 25ui93t.jpg]

ThankYou to All Have a Gud Day Smile

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okay.... but thats almost unplayable you can barely see kratos there,and why do you have the blend thing enabled? it should be off for better quality at that resolution.And sorry to tell you but a pentium 4 cant run this game full speed believe me ( i used to have one) and without some frameskipping i wont be able to get to 45 fps
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
Yes You Are Right OK i am wrong on blend thing , no P4 we can play if we have 3ghz and better 512 mb of G31 graphics card , well i post this bec i want help those people who play game on 30 or 40 fps Smile

Thanks for reply
And why do you use an old version?
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(07-19-2010, 07:25 PM)SamSoNight Wrote: And why do you use an old version?

on latest version games run slow that why but latest version is good for Game break or "STUCKS"
Why not set the textures to 512x512 and enable frameskipping? Should look better and be playable.

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