Play game without disk drive.
I downloaded PCSX2 and I thought it would be like the older system emulators but, I was wrong. I need to know, is there a way for me to play games without a disk drive because, my laptop doesn't have a disk drive. I downloaded MvC2. I looked to see if I could play without a disk at other places and one website said to use Magic Disc but, that did nothing. Plz help.

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Put the disk into another computer which has a disk drive and extract the CD image using a program like ImgBurn or Alcohol 52%, and then just carry it over using a flash drive. Then you can place the .iso onto your laptop and just locate it from PCSX2.

Also, please be aware that you are not likely to get good results playing on a laptop. PCSX2 requires the best specifications you can get.
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I have everything...
Ok. Thanks for the heads up.
Awwwe, come on. Smile

Laptop's are very capable, especially more and more as time goes on. Modern mobile processors have come a fair ways in the past few years, and even the 2.5-3.0Ghz range has become more common, and more effective (i.e. Sandy Bridge).

It is true that laptops can have more obstacles to overcome. From the common use of integrated graphics, to the power saving/conserving operations a laptop is usually set to (which limit your hardware). Temperatures becomes more of a factor, and the limitation of the clockrates even the best mobiles come at will surely keep you from full speed in some cases.

That being said, more modern laptops are plenty capable of running lots of games at near perfection. It is rather important to have a worthy, dedicated GPU. It depends most heavily on the game at hand, just don't expect them all to run well. Smile
Quote:I downloaded MvC2

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