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Hey PCSX2 team,

Is there any way to use a PlayStation3 controller to play on PCSX2?
I finally installed it and it appears on controller list in lilypad but I don't know how to use itSmile


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You go inside the lilypad options to pad 1 and register the controls, and there you go Smile
You can install motioninjoy. Since, Lilypad detects it, you can head over to PAD1, and then click say, the Square Button (in lilypad) and then press the corresponding button on the Controller. Repeat this for all buttons. And play in pcsx2.
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Well, I already tried that but It wont work. And I can't configure the axis. With the others, even If I press nothing will happen.

And yes, I have motionjoy installed.
How can MotioninJoy not be working for you? Have you properly installed the MotioninJoy driver for the PS3 controller? And pressed the pink 'Enable' button?
Be careful when using MotionJoy. It can create BSOD's. It also has a memory leak problem a swell. Its small but its their.
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Well, I just watched a youtube video and I did everything step by step. At first, I couldn't install the driver, but using MotionJoy I installed it somehow.
Even so, when I try to start the controlloer that red thingy still beeps and It's not loading as the 1st controller. I don't have any ideas how to use it on PC, but it appears on the controller list and I can configure the simple button even like that.

Sorry if my ideas are confusingSmile
I have always had some "issues" with MotionJoy, but it is only needed for the wireless controllers. I know the wired Afterglow brand controllers are plug-n-play (they work with any game that supports gamepad input without any drivers). I'm also 99% sure that the Sony brand wired controllers work the same way. Both can be found at Walmart.
So...>? What are you trying to say? I must play without the cable? I have original PlayStation3 controller which came with the console.
You have to use a mini USB cable. You connect your controller to your PC with that. The driver will detect it and make it usable.
I5 3570k 3.4ghz| 4GB R9 290| 8GB DDR3

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