Playability (esp. speed) of KH vs FF-X
my rig (see sig) is doing rather well handling FF-X.
Now, given that Kingdom Hearts (the original released in 2002) was basically released alongside FF-X and graphically seems to me rather subpar.
Alas, running it in PCSX2 it is doing quite a bit worse than FF-X.
Is FF-X that much optimized in PCSX2?

Is there an important patch for KH or a config which has stood the test of time, or, is well suited for the PG release?

Back then KH , although receiving rave reviews, seemed a bit too simplistic to me. And i'd much more prefer a turn-based battle. That's why i didn't give it much time back than, so i thought i should give it a try having played it like only very few hours.

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Just because a game looks similar to another, it doesn't mean at all that it's programmd in the same way, nor that it uses the same functions. Kingdom Hearts is a game which is known to bo generally slower than other games. You can try enabling patches. Fromt the menu, misc->enable patches. Just know, it's generally advisable to play to most games with patches off.

However in kingdom hearts, the patch might give you an edge speedwise.
Actually, personally, the first Kingdom Hearts is the only game I can run at full speed most of the time. I don't understand why people seem to think it's so slow... I mean, the second KH is really slow, but the original is probably one of the easiest 3-D games I can actually run.

There's a few spots where there's increadible amounts of lag, but it's mostly smooth the rest of the time.

It's a hell of a lot easier to run then FFX, as far as my experience goes. Plus, I never had a crashing problem in the original KH either.
The game is very slow if you use the VM version of PCSX2 and DO NOT use the patch (fast memory patch to speed it up like tlb).
Another way to get the game to run at a good speed is using the TLB version of PCSX2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
It's always been the exact opposite experience here... I've never even bothered to try the TLB version, yet.

I mean, the original KH was the very first game I ever tried on the emulator (0.9.4), and since I use a relatively weak AMD Dual Core (2.6 Ghz) it's surprising I can get such decent rates (Mostly the full 60, though, very slow in some parts of the Destiny Islands).

Which is why I was surprised that FFX on the other hand, goes an average of 45 FPS (Didn't even run above 30 FPS with GSdx until 0.9.5)...

Well, whatever, I'll stop complicating and arguing things...
Im playing Kingdom of Hearts chains of memories and work good when first started palying the game. It has been getting worse as i progress into the game no changes to pscx2. Fps slow down almost 0 in fight mode and movie clips. any info o debug that may help me stop this glitch. newest version of pcsx2 playground and using 1.12 gsdx directx 10 no problems with that all options r on. except console and patch.
well thnx for any reply
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