Playground VS Snapshot
I've tried the latest "snapshots" and immediately reverted to playground svn708 because is more compatible, fast and stable for me.
Is that normal? Ninja

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Mmh I don't know, what games have you tried and which are less compatible now ? If you could be more precise about your emulator configuration/plugins used, there is perhaps a thing wrong configured i dunno..

For my case I definitely prefer the latest SVN revs, i never had major incompatibilities, and I tried a lot of games. Smile There are more bug fixes, and even a new speed hack (not yet available on snapshot download) that definitely increases FPS on some good games previously rather slow for me Tongue

So for each rig the emulator behaves differently it's difficult to judge if it is "normal" or not, so tell us more on your problems and we will see Rolleyes
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