Playground svn r458
This is very wip stuff, the textures were broken somewhere between the 0.9.4 release and svn, so i'm looking into it but in case you would like to run smth newer(and faster too) here's how to do it:

1) Install xquartz(
2) Install CG framework(
3) Get pcsx2/mac package at
The application will be installed into /Applications/pcsx2 then.
4) Get svn package from and unpack into /Applications/pcsx2/bin
5) Get a newer version of zerogs plugin from and unpack it into /Applications/pcsx2/bin/plugins

Make it executable and run it
cd /Applications/pcsx2/bin
chmod +x ./pcsx2svn

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Some more explanation or have you ready files
update the instructions, also less textures broken as i found that r280 of official svn had a change which broke ffx
Thank you!! But I'm having trouble, It keeps saying "no such file or directory" in X11.
The problem is that the svn that you download needs to be renamed. just rename it to "pcsx2svn" instead of the "pcsx2svn 2" that you download it as. Do that and the code supplied in the first post will work. Also in the first line of code it needs to be "Applications" not "Application".

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